I.M. Nottacat, IV

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I.M. is a cat is a human who does human work and advises human companies and human investors in early stage, venture capital, private equity, and M&A (meow and agitate) transactions. He also serves as day-to-day corporate counsel on a variety of governance and other matters, having worked with many companies thoughout the U.S. and across a wide range of industries, with a focus on fisheries, aquaculture, and controlled substances (commonly known as "cat nip").  

I.M.'s experience includes the $3.5 billion reverse merger of Foxxeo, representation of the Internet celebrity Frump Cat™ in various intellectual property matters, and batting at a small toy repeatedly in his office. 

He graduated summa purr laude from the University of Nowhere's Kitten College of Law, and served as the editor of the Paw Review, receiving accolades for his seminal work Tort Consequences of Clawing and Scratching, 60 Kit. P. Rev. 1184 (2008).

I.M. is a not member of any bar, as he is fictional and this profile is a whimsical parody associated with this video.

Community & Professional Involvement

I.M. is a proud member of the board of directors for the I.M. Nottacat Human Society. He is also is a member of the Frump Cat™ fan club, serving on its membership committee. 

He is a native of the great state of Pennsylvania. In his spare time he enjoys clawing  doing human activities, such as cheering on the Carolina Panthers and Jacksonville Jaguars with his significant other, Babushka.