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A suite of legal services for the modern business environment.

Dispute Resolution

We assist clients in resolving disputes.  Whether through negotiation, arbitration, or litigation, we have the ability to achieve successful resolution of any type of dispute.  Our practice includes counseling individuals and entities on resolving disputes prior to litigation or other formal dispute resolution.  However, once you seek resolution of your dispute before a judge, jury, or arbitrator, we will make your position resonate through our advocacy until the ultimate adjudication of your dispute.

Business Law

Business moves quickly in the globalized Internet age.  Timetables are shorter, issues are more complex, and budgets are tighter.  We provide comprehensive legal advice and counseling on your most challenging legal issues and contract negotiations, offering sound advice and solutions to help you thrive and grow in your competitive business environment. We can assist you through the lifecycle of your business from formation to operational activites, acquisitions of new businesses and assets, financing transactions, and with the negotiation and preparation for your exit from an existing line of business. We have additional extensive expertise in the acquisition of tehnology and data assets and software companies, including licensing diligence to confirm software and data  ownership.

Commercial Transactions

We provide a broad range of complex commercial transactional expertise and counseling. We handle mergers, acquisitions, joint ventures, and more.

Internet Law

We handle a variety of Internet, social media, and technology-related legal issues and transactions ranging from bills of discovery to identify anonymous online posters, addressing social media defamation, online reputation management, cybersquatting, trademark and copyright infringement, domain name disputes, to drafting website terms of service, privacy policies, loyalty program and payment processing agreements, and Digital Millennium Copyright Act takedown policies, domain name acquisition agreements, licensing agreements, SaaS agreements, and more.  If it is involves an issue at the crossroads of the Internet, technology, and law, it is likely in our wheelhouse.

Intellectual Property

We help protect and monetize all types of intellectual property, ensuring that businesses get the most value out of their intellectual property portfolios.

Advertising & Media Law

CAN-SPAM, TCPA, DNC, COPPA, MLM, and the FTC: modern advertising and marketing laws involve a dizzying array of acronyms and interplay of complex laws.  We make it simple, helping businesses understand and comply with advertising and marketing laws, as well as assisting in taking actions against competitive businesses who violate these laws and cause harm.


Every business and individual is vulnerable to hackers and social engineers.  We assist with policies and compliance, as well as helping you determine strategies to minimize your risk if you or your vendors are breached and to position yourself to take advantage of legal remedies in the event of a cybersecurity incident.  We also assist with all aspects of the data breach lifecycle, from incident response plan drafting, employee training and tabletop exercises, coordination with law enforcement, assistance obtaining forensic investigators, through preparation and circulation legally required notification of affected individuals and regulatory authorities, as well as any associated litigation.


National and international privacy laws are numerous and complex. From counseling to working with regulators when issues arise, we provide privacy solutions.