Arts & Entertainment Law.

We advise businesses, museums, art collectors, and artists in the legal and business aspects of creative artistic endeavors. Our representation includes assistance on art acquisitions, including sourcing, due diligence, and negotiation of transactional terms, as well as evaluating and addressing intellectual property, insurance, and premises installation issues. When issues arise, we further assist in dispute resolution (and, when necessary, litigation) involving the purchase, sale, display, or licensure of artistic works.

We further represent individuals and companies in the entertainment industry in motion picture, television, and music related matters. We assist in various talent agreements, performer agreements, shopping agreements, licensure agreements, royalty agreements, sponsorship agreements, and other negotiated transactions in the entertainment industry.

Our practice is further captured in the following haiku:

Creative people
Advising business clients
On creative works

Our collective representation of businesses involved in artistic endeavors includes representation of an international Paris-based gallery in litigation with a New York-based dealer involving allegations of over $15 million in damages associated with a variety of alleged misconduct related to tortious interference with business relationships with an internationally recognized artist, the representation of a television shopping network in a litigation with a content producer revolving around a series of promotional events featuring one of the most commercially successful bands in the United States, and the representation of an internationally recognized illustrator in a variety of contract and dispute resolution matters.

Our experience associated with the representation of those in the entertainment field includes negotiating a multitude of shopping agreements for television and film, performance agreements for appearances on network television shows, reality television agreements (from the representation of talent, related entities associated with the production, as well as production), as well as drafting and negotiating royalty and license agreements for media content.