Business Counseling.

We are problem solvers operating at the intersection of business and law. Our firm offers practical solutions to complex business legal issues and excels in tackling Gordian knots. We leverage our collective expertise, experience, and creativity to help clients reach their business goals.

Clients engage us over the business lifecycle to collaborate on a wide range of activities. We are trusted advisors on entity formation, new business lines, acquisitions, operations, financing, restructuring, exit planning, negotiation, and sale of a business. We represent companies of various sizes ranging from second stage to Fortune 100.

One online retailer credited our "quick and resolute actions" in addressing an international intellectual property dispute with having "preserved our e-commerce operations." Representative examples of our experience includes provide advice and business counseling on strategic product development for a leading global data protection company with a customer base of over four thousand entities, as well as acting as outside general counsel for several clients. Other representative examples include work with a global public relations firm on business and operational matters; an innovative lead generation company on strategic planning and business matters; and a vessel manufacturer on contractual, intellectual property, and dispute-resolution matters.

Members of our team have represented several companies that develop innovative communications protocols involving interplays with the Telephone Consumer Protection Act. We represent and counsel information security and privacy companies on business and legal strategies for growth. We advise health care entities in evaluating business opportunities in telemedicine and other areas involving the interplay of technology and medical practice. We have helped staffing companies navigate a variety of complicated business and operational issues. We regularly advise financial services companies on long-term business planning including the evaluation of new business lines and technologies.

Like our business clients, we are entrepreneurial, resourceful, and practical. We learn our clients' business objectives and tailor our advice to fit these objectives ‒ partnering to help ensure they can achieve their business goals. We look forward to untying your Gordian knots.