Business Counseling.

We are problem solvers who provide comprehensive legal advice and counseling on our clients' most challenging legal issues and contract negotiations. We shine when given the opportunity to tackle Gordian knots involving complex issues at the intersection of business and law. We do so by leveraging our collective legal expertise, industry-sector experience, and creativity to help clients advance their business interests and minimize their risks when confronted with complicated issues.

Aside from addressing and resolving discrete business issues, clients frequently consult our firm to act as trusted advisors and counselors throughout the lifecycle of their business. This begins with assistance and guidance in formation of a business or entering a new line of business. It continues through normal operational activities, acquisitions of new businesses lines and assets, assisting in financing transactions, as well as restructuring efforts- often culminating with the negotiation and preparation of an exit from an existing business (or line of business). This circle of business life oft repeats, with clients retaining our firm after an exit to then assist in approaching new business or philanthropic endeavors.

We represent companies from the second-stage to the Fortune 100. Representative examples include representation of an online retailer where, according to the client, "quick and resolute actions" in addressing a complex international dispute associated with intellectual property "preserved our ecommerce operations[,]" regularly providing advice and business counseling on strategic product development matters for a globally leading data protection company utilized by over four-thousand global organizations in protecting over forty petabytes of data, representation of an international public relations firm as outside general counsel on business and operational matters, representation of an innovative lead generation company as outside general counsel to advise on strategic and business matters, as well as representation of a vessel manufacturer as outside general counsel on a variety of contractual, intellectual property, and dispute resolution matters.

Other examples include the representation of several companies that develop innovative communicative methodologies involving interplays with the Telephone Consumer Protection Act, representation and counseling of several information security and privacy companies on business and legal strategies associated with business growth, representation of a variety of health care entities in evaluating business opportunities associated with telemedicine and other lines of business involving the interplay of technology and medical practice, the representation of staffing companies in addressing a variety of complicated business issues associated with regular operations, and the representation of several financial services companies in long-term business planning and strategic evaluation of new business lines and technologies.